iBeacon technology together with clever app solutions

Beacon Starter Set blukii

appybeacons PLUS

  • The stylish appybeacons hardware
  • Uncomplicated beacon-Management for assigning features, categories and content
  • PLUS a stable Content Management System  to administer your information und campaign
  • PLUS a comprehensive Standard Template Set for the quick fundamental creation of your App

 appybeacons work

  • By a proprietary Protokoll-Standard based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • For the newest iOS 7 and Android Version 4.3 Standards, that are available beginning with the iPhone 4S,  iPad 3 and iPod 5 and current android devices
  • Principally based on a transmitter – receiver model. Small transmitters (Beacons) are placed as signal mediators, that emit signals at periodically defined time intervals

appybeacons open new possibilities per Push directly to your App (appyvenues Technologie)

  • Direct opening of product information at the Point of Sale (POS)
  • Promotions
  • Visitors guideance
  • Evaluate the success of your campaign by duration of stay, return rate etc.
  • Optimise your Store, product placement etc

Actively profit from new knowledge of consumer behaviour and feedback.

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